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FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67

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FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Empty FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67

Messaggio  Kira Plastinina Ven Gen 30, 2015 11:41 pm

Hello everybody from Moscow! pirat
My name is Sergey, I'm 25.
My first love was LADA 21013'82. While I was getting in the know I've discovered that LADA is a daughter of FIAT 124. I started surfing ebay for original FIAT parts. My first buyings were grill and back emblems. Later I bought FIAT hubcaps. They are similar but there is no word written on Lada caps. All these make me thinking about to build a replica of FIAT 124 from my Lada.
I got into road accedent an had to sell the car for parts. Later I bought the same one in excellent condition. The rebuild from Lada to Fiat took about 2 years.
Here are some photos:
This is my 1st love
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 4587b9u-960
My new love before rebuild
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 1114eau-960
My new love now
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 170eeacs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 D70e42cs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Cf90c2cs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 9850c2cs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 3450c2cs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 8250c2cs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 70eeacs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 A70eeacs-960
The name of the car "Ragno nero" is dedicated to my idol Lev Yashin, the only goalkeaper who won Golden Ball.
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 124736
And the only player who was allowed to wear club kits during national mathces Basketball
If you don't mind Russian narrator - there is short film about my car:

I would be happy to make friends here and get know more about FIAT.

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Kira Plastinina

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FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Empty Re: FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67

Messaggio  Kira Plastinina Sab Gen 31, 2015 12:15 am

something happened to photos sizing and I cannot fix it as I have no enought rights again)
Guys, to finish my rebuld I need a FIAT engine to swap my 2101 1.2.
I bought original Fiat 124 engine in awful condition. There are NO 2 pistons, oil pump, engine cover for oil filter, fuel pump, ingition distributer, carburettor and air filter body.
I need pistons set (repair size) and piston rings, oil pump (possibly similar to Lada), engine cover in which oil filter is fixed (better with oil sensor like on Spider), fuel pump (maybe Lada) and other parts I wrote.
I've searched on eBay and the cost is too much. I'm even thinking about to buy another one but I'm not sure it is possible to find similar one in Russia.
Do you have any ideas how to get engine parts for adequate price?
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 5f0427cs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Cf0427cs-480
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 1f0427cs-960
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 370427cs-480
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Af0427cs-480
FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 9f0427cs-960

Kira Plastinina

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FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Empty Re: FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67

Messaggio  Dario69 Sab Gen 31, 2015 8:50 am

This engine is really in bad condition.
I have some parts, You're looking fro
- fuel pump - new,
- distributer - used
- carburettor - new, but my Fiat dosen't work well with this carburetor
- air filter body without cover is auction with pistons oversized

Maybe new engine?gearbox from Italy:


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FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Empty Re: FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67

Messaggio  roberto64 cesena Lun Feb 09, 2015 9:10 am
questo e un motore nuovo ma senza molti componenti vedi cosa conviene
roberto64 cesena
roberto64 cesena

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FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Empty Hello Sergei!

Messaggio  Paolo Mar Mar 03, 2015 9:56 pm

Please forgive me for my vacation, I' was very bad ill last month and I' m recovering today only!

Enjoy my congratulations for your no_stop activity; yes, Ladas are actually the so called "Fiat 124R", R standing for Russia or 124 USSR model.
In the meantime I' ve just discovered your beautiful site and I' ve enjoyed the "Ragno Nero"'s pictures.
I have found some Russian chaps are buing genuine Fiat 124s: is the beginning of a fashion up there ? Very Happy Very Happy
A thing that seems strange to me is the hybridation of your 124s with Lada parts: I' ve seen another guy who replaced interiors, engine e far more parts with Lada's ones: why? scratch

Anyway I' m happy to meet you and I' hope to see you again here!

With my best compliments!


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FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67 Empty Re: FIAT 124 Ragno nero'67

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